Permits & Guidelines

Things to Consider

The two factors that need to be considered when building a fence are its height and location, both of which are regulated by the zoning bylaw. If your fence plans are higher than the zoning regulations, you will require a development permit.

Zoning Verification

Your property’s specific zoning may affect your plans. To verify zoning of a property in Edmonton and City of Edmonton bylaw jurisdictions, please visit city’s web site at :


A fence can be built out of weed, brick, stone, concrete or metal. However in most jurisdictions you cannot use electric fencing and the barbed wire is typically not allowed to be used on fence in the urban areas.

Fences may be built along and up to your property line, but must be within the property limits Rear property lines are not where the lane/asphalt starts. If you are unsure where your property lines are located, you may want to contact a land surveyor.

If you share fence construction with your neighbor, you may both decide on the location.

Fences cannot be built on the boulevard nor restrict the visibility for safe traffic flow.

If you are constructing a garbage stand along with your fence, it may be built along and up to your property line but must be built within the property limits. Garbage stand cannot be built on the boulevard nor obstruct the visibility needed for safe traffic flow.

Measurement Regulations

City of Edmonton mandates that a development permit is mandatory if your fence will be higher than 4 feet (1.2 meters) in the front of the property and higher than 6.1 foot (1.85 meters) in the rear of the property.

If building a garbage stand, the stand should be no more than five feet high. The floor of the stand should be about 12 inches high.

The garbage cans must be accessible from the front of a garbage stand and not from the top.

Garbage stand should be large enough to accommodate your garbage cans, yard waste in the summer and blue bag recyclables.

Garbage stands without doors are preferable. IF used, doors should be hinged out the side, not the top. Latches should be operable while wearing mittens or gloves.

Application Procedure

To apply, mail or bring the following items to the City of Edmonton permit office:

Either fill out the Residential Building Application  form or provide city with your name, address and contact phone number.

Your property’s municipal address and legal description (plan number, block and lot as shown on your tax notice).

  • Three copies of a site plan showing:
  • Size of property
  • Size and location of existing buildings
  • Proposed location and height of fence
  • All application fees

Call before you dig: 1-800-242-3447


A Development Planner reviews the application for an over-height fence using the Zoning Bylaw regulations.

If your application is approved, the city will notify your neighbours within 60m (197 ft.) of your property. Your neighbours have 14 days to appeal the decision.

If your application is refused, you can appeal through the:

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board,
Churchill Building, 10019-103 Avenue NW,
Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 0G9,
Phone: 780-496-6079.

Where to mail your application?

Fax: 780-496-6034

In Person     
Sustainable Development
Current Planning
5th Floor, 10250 – 101 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3P4Hours of operation: 8am-4:30pm
Monday through Friday

Sustainable Development
Current Planning
5th Floor, 10250 – 101 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3P4


To find current application fees and other pertinent information you will require to apply for the fence building permit please visit City of Edmonton permit and bylaws web site:

The above are general guidelines taken from the City of Edmonton web site and should be used as a reference only. If you live outside City of Edmonton jurisdictional boundaries, please contact your bylaw authority for valid guidelines in your region (bylaws differ within different municipalities and there may be different regulations and bylaws in effect even within same municipality).

City of Edmonton may from time to time amend and change their bylaws, therefore we recommend you always check City of Edmonton bylaws web site: for most up to date bylaws and regulations before you start building your fence.

Certain communities may impose additional guidelines and regulations regarding type of fence that can be built on the property (commonly referred as “restrictive covenants”). Please ensure you are familiar with your community guidelines and restrictions as well as city and municipality bylaws before starting your project.

Information herein is deemed to be accurate and current, however Soldan Fence & Metals is not responsible for accuracy, errors, omissions to the information herein, and any liabilities that may arise from using or referencing to the material herein.