Chain Link Fence

Chain link has long been the preferred solution for low maintenance, durable, and long lasting fences and gates that provide security, strength, privacy, and decoration.From our homes, or schools to airports, warehouses and resorts, you will find chain link fencing just about anywhere.

If you are looking for privacy in your chain link fence, we can provide privacy slats specially designed for all residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

You will appreciate the extra security and increased property value when you coordinate the color of your home with our selection of colors for an attractive appearance and added durability.

Some of the features of Chain Link fencing include:

  • Heights from 3′ up to 12′ and higher if required.
  • Galvanized, or full color.
  • Additional privacy slats can provide a great look along with the privacy and added security that you desire.
  • Different gauges of wire – 11 Ga., 9 Ga. and the extra heavy 6 Ga. for industrial applications.
  • Barbed wire overhang for commercial applications.
  • A wide range of gates can be made to suite any need.

Refer to Privacy Slats as an added option to your chain link fence.