What makes a quality fence?

Choosing solely on price: This is a long term investment so choose carefully. The cost to change, or modify can be very expensive.

“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the pleasure of low price is forgotten.

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Before choosing the materials, or the contractor for your next fence job, there are many things to consider:

What function do you want your fence to perform?

  • Security
  • Retain pets, or children
  • Enclose pool, or tennis court
  • Beautify property
  • Reduce noise
  • Create privacy

Material Considerations:

  • Product warranty — not all products are the same
  • Material specifications — make sure you get the material thickness and strength that suits your purpose
  • Come by our show room so you can see the different materials and options
  • Do your homework and ask lots of questions

Contractor Qualifications:

  • Check references
  • Ensure your contract and all materials of construction are in writing and verify that what you ordered is what has been installed
  • Make sure the entire scope of work is understood, i.e. who is removing the old fence, who is hauling the dirt away, etc