2 year warranty

Nordic Fencing warrants that the best of materials and workmanship have been sold to you based on supplying hot dipped galvanized pipe. Should failure occur it will be repaired or, if necessary replaced free of charge. On supply only orders the workmanship warranty is not applicable and faulty materials must be returned to our place of operation for repair or replacement.

In the case of powder coated products and pre‐galvanized tubing the manufacturers warranty is one (1) year from date of purchase against chipping, peeling, or corrosion under normal use.

Limitations include, but are not limited to damage or alteration of the finished product due to:

a) Unstable, or abnormal ground conditions, causing settling or heaving.

b) Exposure to toxic, or corrosive substances.

c) Accidental,  or  intentional  damage  including  events  such  as  vehicular  contact  and  vandalism.

d) Seasonal temperature changes causing gate hardware to require minor adjustments, or  incorrect operation.

e) Acts of god including, but not limited to floods, fire, wind, snow, etc.