Cantilever Slide Gate Design

Cantilever gate systems are specifically designed to meet the rigorous requirements of commercial and industrial applications.



Typically two or more galvanized steel posts are set to support the weight of the gate and serve as mounting posts. Gate posts may be round or square. Gates may be built as much as 50% more than the gate opening size to provide a counterbalance, or cantilever for the gate opening portion. Gate frames may be round or square. Gates may be constructed of aluminum or steel – both are normally welded construction. Professional gate construction is highly recommended as gate frames themselves often serve as the track, providing a smooth even surface for gates to open and close with.

Gates are often stretched with chain link across a portion, or all of the frame. Gates which are automated should have mesh stretched across the entire surface for safety reasons and to comply with ASTM and UL-325 standards.

Steel Cantilever Gates – Steel Cantilever Gates are typically constructed with galvanized round tubing. Top and bottom horizontals rails are often 2-1/2″ O.D. (2-3/8″ actual) tubing in Sch40 or SS40 grades. 2″ O.D. (1-7/8″ actual) serve as vertical braces, and 1-5/8″ O.D. diagonal bracing is welded in place to help prevent gate sag. Domestically made steel or nylon cantilever gate rollers are mounted to the mounting posts, normally two at top and two at bottom. Import cantilever rollers are also plentiful in both steel and nylon and are generally less expensive. Be sure to use cantilever gate roller covers on all rollers for safety and to protect pinch points. Gate is ‘sandwiched’ in-between the top and bottom rollers and slides to open and close. Cantilever gate rollers typically all have a galvanized chassis to prevent rust. Rollers themselves are available in galvanized steel or nylon. Both are quality rollers which can provide years of uninterrupted service. An assortment of padlockable cantilever gate latches are available. Some are designed specifically as automated slide gates latches. Steel cantilever gates can be made to close gate openings 30′ wide plus! 60′ wide plus openings can be closed using a double cantilever gate.

Aluminum Cantilever Gates – Internal Track Aluminum Slide Gates are often made entirely of aluminum. A heavy duty aluminum gate track is welded to, or is part of the gate frame itself. Hoover Fence offers aluminum slide gates built to close 30′ wide gate openings made with a single gate track. A 60′ wide opening can be closed using a double gate. We offer double track aluminum slide gates for gate openings up to 40′ wide, 80′ wide doubles. Custom box frame gates are available for openings larger than 40′, but less than 60′. Although top track gates are more popular, bottom track and bottom track gate components are also available. Gate track and gate frame slides to open and close across two or more fixed gate trucks. Gate trolleys are secured to galvanized steel mounting posts with galvanized steel truck hanger brackets.